timelord — Macintosh time server daemon


timelord [-d] [-l] [-n nbpname]


timelord is a simple time server for Macintosh computers that use the tardis client. It has the same capabilities as the "Timelord" CDEV for Macintosh.

tardis is implemented as a Chooser extension. In the Chooser, choose the timelord instance to synchronize the Mac's system time with. Once synchronized, tardis will automatically synchronize with the server at boot, or scheduled at regular intervals while the Mac is running (the latter requires tardis 1.4).



Debug mode, i.e. don't disassociate from controlling TTY.


Return the time zone adjusted localtime of the server. The default behavior without this option is GMT.

-n nbpname

Register this server as nbpname. This defaults to the hostname.