afp_voluuid.conf — Configuration file used by afpd(8) to specify UUID for Time Machine volumes


afp_voluuid.conf is the configuration file used by afpd to specify the UUID of Time Machine volumes automagically. The configuration lines are composed like this:

"volume-name" uuid-string

The first field is volume name. Volume names must be quoted if they contain spaces. The second field is the 36 character hexadecimal ASCII string representation of a UUID.

The leading spaces and tabs are ignored. Blank lines are ignored. The lines prefixed with # are ignored. Illegal lines are ignored.


This UUID is advertised by Zeroconf in order to provide robust disambiguation of the Time Machine volume.

The afpd process generates the UUID from random numbers and saves it into afp_voluuid.conf, when the tm option is enabled for the volume in the AppleVolumes configuration file.

This file should not be thoughtlessly edited or copied onto another server.


Example 5.3. afp_voluuid.conf three TM volumes on one netatalk

# This is a comment.
"Backup for John Smith" 1573974F-0ABD-69CC-C40A-8519B681A0E1
"bob" 39A487F4-55AA-8240-E584-69AA01800FE9
mary 6331E2D1-446C-B68C-3066-D685AADBE911

See also

afpd(8), AppleVolumes.default(5), avahi-daemon(8)