a2boot — Apple II netboot server daemon


a2boot [-d] [-n nbpname]


a2boot is a netboot server for Apple IIe and IIGS computers. It allows compatible clients to boot into ProDOS or GS/OS over an AppleTalk network. This is functionally comparable to the Apple II netboot software included in early versions of AppleShare File Server for Macintosh.

When running, the daemon will create the following hard-coded AFP volumes.

  • Apple //e Boot

  • Apple //gs

  • ProDOS16 Image

These volumes need to be populated with the appropriate ProDOS or GS/OS system files in order to function as boot volumes. For more information, see the documentation for AppleShare File Server for Macintosh.



Debug mode, i.e. don't disassociate from controlling TTY.

-n nbpname

Register this server as nbpname. This defaults to the hostname.