Netatalk 2.3.0

Netatalk 2.3.0 is available!

The Netatalk development team is proud to announce a new feature release from the version 2 branch Netatalk, notable for maintaining support for AppleTalk clients.

This version contains stability and security improvements, while removing long-obsoleted or less used functionality. Early adopters are recommended to upgrade their deployments to version 2.3.0.

New features

The following compile time options have been added:

Breaking changes

As of Netatalk 2.3.0, the Database Daemon dbd CNID backend is the only one provided for use in production environments. The last CNID backend is still available for testing and read-only volumes.

The DHX UAM is now disabled by default, to avoid errors stemming from OpenSSL v3.0 removal of 128 bit modulus size support. See for more details on how to make DHX work on your system, and on using alternative UAMs for authenticating with older clients.

The following features have been removed.

Compatibility macros for the following long-obsoleted operating systems have been removed.


The following runtime options have been removed:

The following compile time options have been removed:

Renamed: * has been renamed to asip-status


Netatalk versions 2.2.7 through 2.2.10 had the non-standard behavior of not rebroadcasting routing information originating from other subnets. This made certain Asanté or Dayna LocalTalk hardware bridges able to coexist with netatalk, with the drawback that subnets behind other routers aren’t visible to the netatalk clients.

Netatalk 2.3.0 restores the correct behavior as per the AppleTalk specification. If you want to emulate the previous non-standard behavior, you can start atalkd with the newly introduced -q parameter.

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:…netatalk-2-3-0

Release published on 2023-12-28

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