cnid_metad — daemon for starting cnid_dbd(8) daemons on demand


cnid_metad [-d] [ -F configuration file ]

cnid_metad -v | -V


cnid_metad waits for requests from afpd to start up instances of the cnid_dbd daemon. It keeps track of the status of a cnid_dbd instance once started and will restart it if necessary. cnid_metad is normally started at boot time by netatalk(8) and runs until shutdown.



cnid_metad will remain in the foreground and will also leave the standard input, standard output and standard error file descriptors open. Useful for debugging.

-F configuration file

Use configuration file as the configuration file.

-v, -V

Show version and exit.


cnid_metad does not block or catch any signals apart from SIGPIPE. It will therefore exit on most signals received. This will also cause all instances of cnid_dbd's started by that cnid_metad to exit gracefully. Since state about and IPC access to the subprocesses is only maintained in memory by cnid_metad this is desired behaviour. As soon as cnid_metad is restarted afpd processes will transparently reconnect.

See Also

netatalk(8), cnid_dbd(8), afpd(8), dbd(1), afp.conf(5)