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3rd Party Projects

Other free and open source projects for old-school Mac and Apple II networking that make great Netatalk companions.

Project Description
A2SERVER Plug'n'play distribution for Apple II file sharing and netbooting (ships with Netatalk)
afpfs-ng Cross-platform AFP client application
afpfs-ng (fork) Fork of afpfs-ng that runs on modern systems
atalkvpn VPN tunnel for AppleTalk phase 1 (depends on Netatalk)
BlueSCSI SCSI emulator device that can provide Ethernet interface emulation
Columbia AppleTalk Package Historical AppleTalk network stack for *NIX-like systems
lpstyl *NIX StyleWriter driver with optional AppleTalk support (depends on Netatalk)
macipgw (FreeBSD) MacIP bridge for LocalTalk-only Macs (depends on Netatalk)
macipgw (Linux) Linux port of the above
MG's davex utils Apple II toolsuite that includes a ProDOS tardis client for timelord
mDNS for Classic Mac OS DNS Service Discovery (Zeroconf) extension for Mac OS 9
PGPuam Classic Mac OS UAM on which netatalk's was based
PiSCSI SCSI device emulator hat for Raspberry Pi that can provide Ethernet interface emulation (ships with Netatalk)
RetroNAS NAS software bundle that specializes in retro networking (ships with Netatalk)
tardis/Timelord Classic Mac OS time sync client/server on which netatalk's timelord was based
Download from:
TashRouter AppleTalk router for LocalTalk and EtherTalk written in Python
TashTalk LocalTalk interface for low-powered microcontrollers