Installing Netatalk 2 on OmniOS

This page contains notes on configuring and installing Netatalk on OmniOS Community Edition; specific version used for this article was r151044.

Prepare environment

A git client as well as the autotools, gcc compiler and Berkeley DB are needed.

pkg install git libtool automake gcc7 bdb pkg-config

Configure and compile

Here we assume a bootstrapped tarball release is used, so we skip the bootstrap step

./configure --with-bdb=/opt/ooce
make all
make install

PAM support

OmniOS uses an old-school PAM configuration, so manual modification of /etc/pam.conf is required

See one example in

Controlling the Netatalk service

Use the init script in /etc/rc2.d/S90netatalk to control the Netatalk service.


sudo /etc/rc2.d/S90netatalk start
sudo /etc/rc2.d/S90netatalk stop

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Last updated 2024-04-13