Installing Netatalk 2 on NetBSD

NetBSD is one out of a handful of distributions that still actively maintain an AppleTalk kernel module.

Additionally, it has an up-to-date Netatalk 2.x package in the pkgsrc repository that works out of the box.

Required packages

Before starting, make sure you have a working pkgsrc environment.

Install the packages that netatalk22 depends on:

pkg_add \
  git \
  mozilla-rootcerts-openssl \
  gcc13 \
  autoconf \
  libtool \
  pkg-config \
  db5 \
  libgcrypt \
  libressl \
  gmake \
  cups \

Install netatalk22 itself:

pkg_add netatalk22


When building netatalk from source code, make sure to enable the NetBSD init script with --enable-netbsd or equivalent.

Once installed, you can control the netatalk service as any other NetBSD service.

If needed, copy the installed netatalk initscripts to the /etc/rc.d directory.

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Last updated 2024-05-13