Installing Netatalk 2 on Alpine Linux


Packages required for bootstrapping the build system:

apk add autoconf automake libtool pkgconfig

Packages required for building:

apk add avahi-dev build-base cups cups-dev db-dev gcc libgcrypt-dev openssl-dev

Optional packages:

apk add acl-dev cracklib-dev krb5-dev libtirpc-dev openldap-dev

Berkeley DB

As of Alpine 3.13.0 (Jan 14, 2021), BDB is officially a deprecated package. At the time of writing db-dev still lives on in the Alpine repository, however.


If you see Avahi initialization errors, the avahi-daemon may need to be launched manually. Do this if zeroconf service discovery doesn’t work out of the box.


First, bootstrap the autotools build system:


Second, configure the build system:


Or, if you installed all the optional packages:

./configure --enable-gentoo --enable-krbV-uam --with-cracklib --with-libtirpc

Third, compile and link the code:


Finally, install the compiled binaries:

make install


Note: netatalk 2.3.2 and earlier has a bug that prevents the openrc init script on more recent Alpine (and Gentoo) systems. Please apply this patch if needed.

By default, the init script will launch afpd and cnid_metad. If you want the AppleTalk service to start up as well, edit your local netatalk.conf file and set ATALKD_RUN=yes etc.

One off start/stop of netatalk daemons

rc-service netatalk start
rc-service netatalk stop

Enable and disable startup on system boot

rc-update add netatalk default
rc-update del netatalk default

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Last updated 2024-05-13