Installation Notes

Recommended packages

When compiling Netatalk from scratch, you will need to install a number of required and optional packages to get a fully functional installation.

This page is intended to serve as a companion to the Installation chapter (2.3) of the Netatalk manual. Distros come and go and package names change, so this kind of fluid documentation is more suited for a wiki.

Debian Linux

Mandatory packages.

apt install build-essential libssl-dev libdb-dev autotools-dev automake libtool libtool-bin pkg-config libevent-dev

For papd printer server support, install CUPS packages. (netatalk2 only)

apt install libcups2-dev cups

For Zeroconf (Bonjour) service discovery in Mac OS X 10.2 or later, install Avahi packages.

apt install libavahi-client-dev

For DHX2 authentication support, required for Mac OS X 10.2 or later, install libgcrypt.

apt install libgcrypt20-dev

To use the TCP wrapper install tcpd.

apt install tcpd

To enable afpstats support, install libdbus. (netatalk3 only)

apt install libdbus-1-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev

To enable Spotlight, install tracker and libdbus (above). (netatalk3 only)

apt install tracker libtracker-sparql-X.Y-dev

To enable password strength check for the randnum UAM

apt install libcrack2-dev

Red Hat

General usage notes for Red Hat derived distros.

For the asip-status script, Perl socket libraries are required.

dnf install perl-IO-Socket-IP perl-IO-Socket-INET6

With Netatalk 2 and AppleTalk networking, you may have to remove the blacklisting of the appletalk kernel module.

On Fedora 38, this is accomplished by deleting this file:


Fedora Server

dnf install openssl-devel libgcrypt-devel libdb-devel automake libtool avahi-devel cups-devel

CentOS 9 Stream

dnf install openssl-devel libgcrypt-devel libdb-devel automake libtool avahi-libs libevent-devel krb5-devel

Alpine Linux


For bootstrap:

apk add libtool autoconf automake pkgconfig

For compilation:

apk add build-base gcc cups cups-dev

Berkeley DB: As of Alpine 3.13.0, BDB is a deprecated package, so building BDB from code is required on Alpine. These are the rough steps:

  1. Get the latest v5 tarball of BDB, e.g.:
  2. Extract the tarball
  3. From the source root, cd to the build_unix dir
  4. Run the ../dist/configure script
  5. Run make then make install
  6. Configure netatalk with e.g.: ./configure --with-bdb=/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.5.3


To build a bootstrapped tarball:

pkg install git libtool automake gcc7 bdb

To bootstrap:

pkg install pkg-config

FreeBSD 13.1

To bootstrap:

pkg install pkgconf autoconf libtool automake

To build:

pkg install libgcrypt db5 libevent

With FreeBSD 13.1, due to a bug in netatalk bootstrap the linker flag must be manually set when configuring in order to find libevent. This will be fixed in the next version after 3.1.15.

LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib" ./configure

NetBSD 9.3

Make sure you have a working pgksrc environment:

netatalk 2

pkg_add git mozilla-rootcerts-openssl gcc13 autoconf automake libtool pkg-config db5 libgcrypt libressl gmake cups cracklib

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