Netatalk 2.3.2

Netatalk 2.3.2 is available!

The Netatalk development team is proud to announce a new release of the Netatalk 2 release series, notable for maintaining support for AppleTalk clients.

New Features

A Dockerfile and container entry script have been added which allows you to run Netatalk 2 containerized. AppleTalk networking is supported if the host OS has an AppleTalk network stack. Either build a Docker image yourself from the code, or pull a pre-built image from Docker Hub.

A macOS style launchd configuration file and netatalkd helper script has been added. Build it by configuring the build system with the --enable-macos parameter. Using these allows you to bypass recent limitations in macOS Sonoma that prevents forking daemons to run.

Netatalk’s pap is now able to print to an ImageWriter II or LQ connected to the LocalTalk network, with papstatus providing more status information for this line of Apple printers.

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:…netatalk-2-3-2

Release published on 2024-03-31

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