Netatalk 2.3.1

Netatalk 2.3.1 is available!

The Netatalk development team is proud to announce a new feature release of the Netatalk 2 release series, notable for maintaining support for AppleTalk clients.

This version continues the effort of removing obsoleted code while improving stability and compatibility of all components. All users of prior Netatalk v2 releases are now encouraged to update their installations to this latest version.

New features

The following compile time option has been added:

Breaking changes

The following obsoleted features have been removed:


The RTMP broadcast quirks mode that was introduced in v2.3.0 has been replaced with an automatic activation when atalkd is configured with a single interface and the -router flag.

Therefore, the now-unneeded -q command line option has been removed.

What’s Changed

Full Changelog:…netatalk-2-3-1

Release published on 2024-02-03

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