Netatalk 2.0.1

The Netatalk development team is proud to announce version 2.0.1 of the Netatalk File Sharing suite. This is the latest stable version. It contains several important bugfixes, therefore all users are encouraged to upgrade their systems to 2.0.1.

The script delivered with all Netatalk versions prior to 2.0.1 has been found to be vulnerable to symlink attacks. See CAN-2004-0974 for details.

Please note that the handling of the default type/creator has changed with 2.0.1. As a side effect, users upgrading from earlier versions, including 2.0.0, will have to remove the default type/creator from the AppleVolumes.System file. The install process will not modify this file automatically. Please remove the line starting with '.         "????"' manually.

Netatalk is a collection of server programs and utilities for handling various protocols employed by Apple Macintosh computers on Unix compatible systems. This allows Unix hosts to act as file, print, and time servers for Apple Macintosh (classic MacOS as well as MacOS X) computers. Additionally Unix hosts using Netatalk can print to AppleTalk-only printers.

The suite contains:

Netatalk is a Free/Open Source Software project and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Please see

for the full license text.

New in Netatalk 2.0.1

Future Enhancements

Netatalk is an actively developed product and its functionality will be enhanced in future versions. Some of the upcoming features include:

Supported Platforms

As of Netatalk 2.0.1 the following operating systems are supported:

Netatalk may compile and run on other operating systems as well, but it is not well-tested on those. We welcome patches and suggestions for enhancing the portability of Netatalk as well as success and failure stories. Please write to [email protected].


Netatalk tar-balls can be found at:

Netatalk is also available via anonymous CVS. See the SourceForge project site for anonymous CVS instructions.


For more information about Netatalk, see its web page at:

The project is hosted at SourceForge. The SourceForge project page is located at:

[email protected] is a mailing list for Netatalk system administrators. For subscription information and archives see the Netatalk web page.

The Netatalk development team can be reached via the mailing list [email protected]. For subscription information and archives see Netatalk's SourceForge project page.


We would like to thank all contributors to the Netatalk project for their commitment. Without the many suggestions, bug and problem reports, patches, and reviews this project wouldn't be where it is.